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Welcome to the world of limousinereleasedate.com. This is a safe place for all the people who are interested in sharing and learning about the newest car models that are released all over the world. We bring you exclusive coverage and help you learn more about the newest models that are offered from different markets and even the ones that are scheduled to be released in the future. We are a group of people who love cars as much as the next person, but we have taken our hobby to a whole new level and decided to expand by making this site.

our team

We have started small but are now going big. Upon realizing that how big the car industry is and how passionate we are about it, we decided that there is so much more than talking amongst ourselves about the models and innovations that happen each day in the car industry. We have decided to take the next step and started to share our knowledge with other, having knowledge is nothing if you do not have somebody to share it with and who better to share it than with the people who can appreciate and use the information for their own good.

What can we actually do for you? well the answers is actually quite a lot, but it still depends on your own needs and interest. We feel that most people are unsure about their purchases and need some expert opinion about certain cars. With our reviews you will find out all there is to know about the car you are thinking of buying. If there is a new car out there and you feel that might be the one for you, better check one of our reviews first and find the exclusive details about it that are given by our experts who have done the research about the model and are giving you all the details about it. It will make your purchase safer and you will feel much better knowing what you are getting.

Additionally, fans all over the world are looking for reliable sources of information and would like to keep up with the industry. Doing it by yourself is quite hard as there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of information being turned every day and you cannot get them all by yourself. But you actually can if you have a team working for you. This is actually what limousinereleasedate.com does as a whole team runs to show and does the research that you can later analysis in a shorter amount of time than you would by spending countless hours on the net.

If you are interested about a certain vehicle and want us to do a review you can make a request and send us an e-mail. Just Contact Us and we can do our best to make a review for you in the shortest time possible and we will publish it on our page. We are located in El Carrito, CA and are looking forward to hearing from and your opinion as well and will certainly appreciate you following us and sharing our passion with us.