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2017 Volkswagen Caddy review

The fourth generation 2017 Volkswagen Caddy commercial and passenger van has been announced, with its release date coming very soon. The newest model van is getting a slew of safety upgrades, new mechanical features and a style change and is going to hit the dealerships in Germany by June next year.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy spy shots

What is new for the Caddy is the new look that they have established and the changes which were incorporated picking the VW corporate design language right into the mix here. With the twin-bar grille design and the very classy headlights, we are getting perhaps the best looking commercial van that the market is able to provide for us now.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy exterior, rear view, headlights and badges

The interior gets a revamp as well and it follows the design which all of the recent VW have been getting with their recent stints. The interior is simple yet elegant for the most part and fits well into the overall picture which the model has taken.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy auto show, front view, grille, headlights and badges

The powertrain comprises of a set of diesel and gasoline engines which are provided as new choices now. The transmission system also gets updated features some initial changes that are going to provide better specs and capabilities of the model.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy exterior, bluecolor, side view, alloy wheels

The compact van market is in its all-time high and has been hot in recent years, which most likely gave way to an update for the Volkswagen Caddy 2017 and the reason why they have upgraded it in such an immense way. Sadly, the model is still not going to be available in the US, at least not this year. But we are hoping for a brighter future and a possibility of getting the model overseas as soon as possible. This does not stop you reading the review and getting to learn some new facts about this car.

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2017 Volkswagen Caddy exterior, front and rear view

The fourth-gen of the 2017 Volkswagen Caddy gets a new and outward appearance. The exterior receives a new VW corporate look design which is the design language that recent Volkswagen cars have been getting and what has made them better and very hotly and nicely looking vehicles. This means using a thin front grille which comes with twin chrome bars which run horizontally towards the headlights. There is also a large grille that has a horizontal bar to which you can add fog lights.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy front angle, auto show, headlights and grille

The side of the Volkswagen Caddy has several window options which also adds a full window-delete. The passenger version actually offers windows on the side sliding doors, given at a quarter panels, while there are several other options also available with the optional 10-spoke alloys besides the standard steelier ones.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy rear angle, auto show, taillights and tailpipe


The interior of the 2017 Volkswagen Caddy actually has a surprising setup, mainly because of the offer of equipment and additions it has in it. The package is already full and will not change until the release date. Actually, the Caddy differs a lot from the options you would get with the Nissan NV200 that you usually get on the US market. Besides managing to follow the same kind of corporate look of the outside, the model has a lot of other additions to offer.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy interior, steering wheel, dashboard, lcd screen

On the upper trim levels the new steering wheel gets some redundant controls and lather covering. The dash safely houses your infotainment system and the leather is made much better with the leather additions and suede stitching to combine.

There are a lot of both active and passive features established in the Volkswagen Caddy 2017 model. They include a rearview camera, Adaptive Cruise Control, a heated windshield, Park Assist, Light Assist, Driver Alert, and VW’s Multi-collision Brake System.

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2017 Volkswagen Caddy interior, gear shift knob

There are also cargo versions for the new Caddy and they come with plenty of added room provided behind the two seats, while passenger versions enable you to haul a total of five people.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy interior, leather back seats


Wheelbase: 2682 mm
Length: 4878 mm
Width: 1773 mm
Height: 1836 mm
Passenger volume: N/A ft³
Cargo volume: N/A ft³
Curb weight: 1523 kg
Top Speed: N/A mph
0-60: N/A sec
Fuel Tank Capacity: 55Litres
Fuel Consumption (Combined): 6.2L / 100km
Available Exterior Colors: N/A
Towing Capacity: Brake:1500 Unbrake:700 kg


The 2017 Volkswagen Caddy is going to come with several powertrain options, brining you a slew of opportunities and choices in order to choose the right option for your needs. The model offers an EU5 and EU6-rated set of 2.0-liter turbodiesel four-cylinders which come in three different performance ranges and three gasoline engines.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy engine

The EU5 options are the 74-, 100-, and 138-horsepower options, while the EU6 74- and 100- and 148-horsepower options. The gasoline options are 1.2-liter four-cylinder TSI with 82 horsepower, the 1.0-liter three-cylinder TSI with 100 horsepower, and the 1.4-liter TSI four-cylinder with 123 horsepower. All of the given powertrain options combine with a a conventional manual transmission or VW’s popular DSG.

Release date and price

As said, for now there is not going to be a US release for the Volkswagens Caddy 2017 model. The release date for the German market is March when the car goes on sale while it becomes available at dealerships in June. The model is priced €14,780, which is roughly around $16,963.

2017 Volkswagen Caddy release date

The main competitors, which can also be found on the US, market are the Nissan NV200 and the Ford Transit Connect, which are perhaps the main reason why this model is still not available in the US. Depending on the performance of these cars we might get to see the car released here as well.

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Gallery – photos


2017 Volkswagen Caddy side view, black color, headlights and alloy wheels

2017 Volkswagen Caddy auto show, rear view, taillights and tailpipe

2017 Volkswagen Caddy Alltrack fron view, headlights and grille

2017 Volkswagen Caddy auto show, side view, alloy wheels

2017 Volkswagen Caddy exterior,front view, red color, headlights and badges

2017 Volkswagen Caddy rear view, red color, taillihts, tailpipe and alloy wheels

2017 Volkswagen Caddy front view, headlights and alloy wheels

2017 Volkswagen Caddy interior, leather seats