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2017 Toyota Supra Review

A car with a cult like following is going to get a new issue with its 2017 Toyota Supra release. This is a vehicle which is a part of every enthusiast’s list of greatest cars and is a vehicle which has always been praised and welcomed by most. It is a little two-door sports car and was originally released to battle Z cars which were released by the rivaling company of Datsun. Finally after months and moths of speculations, the vehicle is here and the release is almost official.

2017 Toyota Supra front view, headlights and grille

The vehicle is going to be based on the Toyota’s newest concept car which was released back in 2014. The Toyota FT-1 is a perfect vehicle on which to base their newest release on and is a great choice to use in order to shape the design of the newest Supra car. The iconic status may only be continued with this sort of a setup as they are counting on riding the popularity of the Supra which has not dissipated even after this long of a period.

2017 Toyota Supra side view, red color

The story starts with the first Supra released in 1978 when the first model was introduced, but it was not until 1987 when the Toyota Supra started getting some real attention and it was mainly due to a turbocharged drivetrain. The third-generation Supra was updated with some additions that did not only include a fast and powerful engine, but also all sorts of performance enhancing additions and some drive and maneuvering changes. The vehicle was eventually pulled from production in the late 90s which caused a lot of disturbance with the fan base the vehicle has already built. The next-gen Toyota Supra has been in the making for a long time and with its newest release we are happy to present this review to you.

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2017 Toyota Supra rear view, taillights and tailpipe

2017 Toyota Supra exterior

There were a lot of news and assumptions on how would the exterior of the 2017 Toyota Supra actually look. Of course, this is a spectacular release so many people have been pumped on a very premium and a very compelling look which was supposed to be the highlight of the car. Thought the years there have been many teases and potential concept models that in a way brought us the look of the Toyota Supra. The 2007 Toyota FT-HS model was one of the initial thoughts on getting a new Supra vehicle. It was the catalyst on making a perfect car which would continue the Supra legacy and many thought that it had what it takes to be a Supra model. But it was the 2014 release which was featured at the Detroit Auto Show which was a much closer contender to the end product which was going to be dubbed as the new Supra car. The FT-1 concept was a very popular release and people though it was a shame for it to go to waste, but as it appeared it managed to serve an even bigger purpose. Now the makers of the Subaru BRZ and GT86 are combining their efforts to make a stellar design here.

2017 Toyota Supra red color, alloy wheels

The FT-1 concept shares a lot of similarities to the FT-HS concept, but was radically different to anything that Toyota had to offer till then. Particularly noticeable and similar are the side views of the car which offer us a very similar setup and we can actually see how the two cars merge together to form a design of the new 2017 Supra. There is a characteristic cut into the driver’s door which has a similar upwards stroke placed on it which flows to the rear fender vents. The car is going to adopt some square liens a shorter body which is something it bases on the aforementioned concepts. All in all, we feel that this is the perfect way to design the newest 2017 Toyota Supra model. The rear part is going to be similar but not identical. The taillights are going to be designed differently and are going to adopt a completely new design. The double-bubble roof is also going to be used for the end vehicle. Just bear in mind that there is a seven year difference between the two concept models and they still look completely identical and can coincide with each other very well. This is by no accounts a mistake nor a coincidence, this was planned by Toyota all along.

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2017 Toyota Supra side angle, alloy wheels


If basing the exterior of the 2017 Toyota Supra on the concept models is any indication for the outside it is going to be adopted for the interior as well. We feel that we are going to get a similar if not the same sort of a setup like in the concept models, particularly more similar to the FT-1 concept, but there is going to be a more tone-down inside. They are certainly going to tone-down the racy vibe of the car and focus more on the luxury and the comfort levels of the inside than on anything else. The car is expected to receive a new and a driver orientated center stack with a more production friendly instrument cluster and a completely revised dashboard. The steering wheel is going to add a more mundane design which is more production friendly than the one seen on the concept cars.

2017 Toyota Supra interior, steering wheel


The powertrain of the 2017 Toyota Supra is the most elusive part of the setup and something that not much is known about nor confirmed. The vehicle is supposed to be powered with a turbo four-cylinder to the V-10 which is the most popular rumor so far and is the same engine used inside the Lexus LFA car. But as we are talking about a Toyota vehicle, we cannot exclude a hybrid drivetrain as well which also remains a popular option. If we do get a hybrid powertrain than a V-6 hybrid system is a sure thing as it offers a power output of 400 horsepower. The system will certainly resemble the one used in the Lexus LS 600h which utilizes the 5.0-liter V-8 for a forced-induction V-6.

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2017 Toyota Supra engine

Price and release date

There are no official indication on the price and the release date for the 2017 Toyota Supra. Everything is shrouded in mystery concerning this car and we are hoping for a release date which will come in the first part of 2017. The price is still not issued and will be offered once the details with the powertrain get to be resolved.

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2017 Toyota Supra red color, grille

2017 Toyota Supra rear angle, taillights and tailpipe

2017 Toyota Supra exterior, front view, headlights

2017 Toyota Supra side view, alloy wheels

2017 Toyota Supra steering wheel and dashboard

2017 Toyota Supra interior, dashboard and steering wheel

2017 Toyota Supra interior, leather seats

2017 Toyota Supra tailpipe

2017 Toyota Supra exterior

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