2017 Honda Odyssey – Release Date, Review and Specs

2017 Honda Odyssey review

Honda is putting out a number of vehicles this year and the 2017 Honda Odyssey is going to be one of the more expected ones to hit the market. The Japanese carmaker is preparing for a whole range of new vehicle releases which are going to be released this and the next year. Unfortunately, the Odyssey has a scheduled release date for the later one but it still does not prevent us to report the review and help you understand the vehicle well off in time.

2017 Honda Odyssey side view, auto show, red color, alloy wheels

Honda Accord and the Honda Civic are perhaps one of the more popular models that they have already released. It is going to be followed by the Honda Odyssey 2017 while other models are scheduled to appear in the next two years. The revamped model is a part of the idea of revolutionizing the offer that they are making by adding a whole new set of available features on their car. An innovative approach is what we can expect from all of the give cars now.

2017 Honda Odyssey spy shots, front view

We were firstly hit with this news when the spy photos were released. At first it was heavily camouflaged so people were not sure what to think about the circulating pictures. Later all of the suspicions and rumors were confirmed and the Odyssey was confirmed. Now that we know that the model is under wraps and on its way we were able to gather all the info available about it and study its specs so we can see if the vehicle is going to match well on the market. Here is what we were able to find out.

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2017 Honda Odyssey front angle, headlights and grille

All of the talks about the release of the 2017 Honda Odyssey lead up to it receiving a whole new exterior shape. The car is going to have a completely different shape to its body than before and is going to much more handsome looking compared to its predecessor but that is just what we were hoping on seeing here. The vehicle is going to be modern looking and is adding a lot of eye-catching features to it so it makes it much more appealing while riding in the streets. But at the same time we are not getting any drastic changes which would change the face of the Honda Odyssey completely. The car is going to retain its basic and trademark features so you would be able to recognize it on the street if you would to see it.

2017 Honda Odyssey exterior, rear view, taillights and tailpipe

The external design of the Honda Odyssey 2017 is going to be much similar to the current and outgoing model. The aesthetic refreshments are going to be seen and witnessed in the front bumper and particularly in the taillight and headlight areas. They feature a new shape and completely new LEDs as well while the fog lights were also added to help with the usefulness here. The platform of the car is going to be different and the Odyssey is going to be built on the same one the Acura MDX has been built. Some go as far to say that the design of this car looks much more frivolous and nimble compared to before and we agree that it is a new and improved look which the Honda fans are going to benefit the most from.

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2017 Honda Odyssey interior, steering wheel, gear shift knob, dashboard, lcd screen

The interior of the 2017 Honda Odyssey is going to be characterized by a whole new and complete range of features placed inside it. Actually it manages to work well as the give changes are all driver’s aid enhancements that are going to be made that go pretty well with the sophisticated design of the newest Odyssey model. But it is not all technology inside as the comforts levels have been adapted and made even better perhaps. The interior spacing is already ample and we do get enough of it on the inside and the luxurious high-quality seats are something that also does the job pretty well for the model at this time.

2017 Honda Odyssey interior, leather seats

The driver is going to have a power adjustable seats so they could be able to adjust the seat anyway they like it so the ultimate comfort level is attained you have the support for your back. Also back row of seats is going to have the foldable design option which is going to enable you to get more space in the cargo area. In fact, if you do have huge amounts of luggage on your hands this vehicle is the right one for you to use.

Engine specs

2017 Honda Odyssey engine view

Honda has done a lot to help the 2017 Honda Odyssey gain more power than before, and finally come release date you will be able to see that come true. Thus a  3.5 liters V-6 engine is the performance choice as it provides a steady output and enough power for whatever you decided to use the vehicle for. The output is measured at 290 horsepower and a maximum torque of 270 lbs per foot. The model is also going to have better fuel efficiency and this is all thanks to the nine-pace computerized transmission being utilized and combined with the powertrain. The specs say that the EPA ratings are going to amount to 21 mpg when it is used within the city and 34 mpg when it is driven outside the city.

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2017 Honda Odyssey front view, red color, headlights and grille

Wheelbase: 118.1 in
Length: 202.9 in
Width: 79.2 in
Passenger volume: N/A ft³
Cargo volume: 38,4 ft³
Curb weight: 4396 lbs
Top Speed: 121 mph
0-60: 7,4 sec
MPG: 19/28 (city/highway)
Available Exterior Colors: Deep Scarlet Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Obsidian Blue Pearl and White Diamond Pearl
Towing Capacity: 3500 lbs

Release date and price

2017 Honda Odyssey release date

The newest 2017 Honda Odyssey was expected to make its debut sooner, but the Honda production crew moved the release date a bit back so we are going to have the model next year. The vehicle is going to be offered by the middle of the year and by them other products coming from Honda are going to make an appearance. The starting price is going to go between  $27,990 – $42,990. and will depend on the trim level.

Image gallery

2017 Honda Odyssey exterior, front view, headlights, grille and alloy wheels

2017 Honda Odyssey rear view, trunk

2017 Honda Odyssey exterior, front view, alloy wheels and headlights

2017 Honda Odyssey exterior, side view, blue color, alloy wheels

2017 Honda Odyssey front angle, silver color, headlights, grille and alloy wheels

2017 Honda Odyssey exterior, side view, headlights and alloy wheels

2017 Honda Odyssey side angle exterior, alloy wheels

2017 Honda Odyssey rear view, silver color, taillights and tailpipe

2017 Honda Odyssey auto show, front view, red color, grille

2017 Honda Odyssey exterior, rear view, taillights

2017 Honda Odyssey rear angle, taillights and tailpipe

2017 Honda Odyssey trunk

2017 Honda Odyssey interior, leather seats view

2017 Honda Odyssey interior, leather rear seats