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2017 Dodge Dakota Review

The plans for releasing the 2017 Dodge Dakota are almost complete. The vehicle is making a comeback and if the information  about the release date turn out to be true as sated, we can hope for the vehicle appearing in 2017. The model was a popular choice by many and has appeared for a number of years already, but the low sales have condemned the production of the car to be stopped for a while. Luckily the latest news and some spy photos confirm that the car is making a comeback.

2017 Dodge Dakota black color, front view, grille and headlights

The Dakota model is one of the better selling products that has even come out from the Dodge lineup. It made its debut in 1987 and lasted for three generation with the most recent one being built in 2011. Unfortunately, the low sales rates condemned the Dakota to a stop in production for the time being. No official news has been made about the discontinuation as they have left an option for the car to make a comeback sometime in the future. It papers that the time has finally come and that we can hope to see the newest one come out very soon.

2017 Dodge Dakota black color, exterior

They are going to make a lot of updates for this car, that is a sure thing. The changes are going to be abundant and we can expect to see a vehicle which may just prove to be even more successful than some of the more popular Dakota models. They will not certainly make the mistakes that they have done in the past with the last model and will try to avoid this if they are going to bring the Dodge Dakota back.

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2017 Dodge Dakota release date

Keep reading the review so you get our opinion about the newest release of the 2017 Dodge Dakota model.


As the latest sources state, which has also been confirmed by the Chrysler group, the 2017 Dodge Dakota is going to use a Unibody platform. Compared to the last model that was made, the new Dakota is going to get an all new appearance which is going to give the vehicle superior quality and better abilities than it even had. The initial pictures that were released show that the model is going to follow the Ridgeline design that were made by the Honda company. This type of a look does not only give a stronger structure to the car but also gives us a better appearance which shows that the model is going to be much more appreciable than the previous models ever were.

2017 Dodge Dakota red color, side view, alloy wheels

There are some news about the dimensions though, the ca is going to be longer and the Dodge Dakota for the 2017 year is going to be much more versatile in that sense. This could make the car heavier, but this is where the new platform comes into play so it manages to balance it out. The changes that are going to be additionally made are supposed to enhance the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and also bring passenger safety to a higher level.


2017 Dodge Dakota interior, steering wheel, lcd screen and dashboard

The interior of the 2017 Dodge Dakota is being redesigned to fit in the more current market. The last time the Dakota was out was a long time ago as there have been some advancements in the technology made. They are certainly going to make the inside much more appropriate and are going to give it a lot more of the newest technology that is going to give it an edge that it has lost before. The appliances placed on the inside are not just going to be comfort enhancements additions but also are going to present an advancement made in the utility for the car.

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2017 Dodge Dakota interior, leather seats and steering wheel

The materials are going to be changed as well so expect to see a bit more comfortable additions made inside the Dakota. The old model suffered a bit from the lack of better comforts inside and could have done with a lot better setup. This is where the updated comes in handy and some better and advanced options are expected to appear here. Finally the enhanced dimensions of the exterior are supposed to give us some added spacing inside the cabin making the overall setting better and much more appropriate to be in.

Engine specs

2017 Dodge Dakota engine

Actually the engine specs for the 2017 Dodge Dakota have still not been made public. The thing is that the powertrain remains a secret still and there are many speculations that have been put out there as a possible choice for the engine. In fact, the most likeable option is the 3.7 liters v6 power unit which we could see be used as a base version for the car. But as this engine option could only make 210 hp, fans would like to see something that could bring an added force for the car. Thus enter the 4.7 liters’ v8, a more powerful unit which may be offered as a secondary one to bolster the needed power and enhance the options that we have. This also leaves us with an automatic of five- speed transmission or a manual with the six-speed transmission, which can both work as fuel efficient options.

2017 Dodge Dakota engine 4.7 v8

Price and release date

The car is going to appear next year as the 2017 Dodge Dakota is expected to make its debut by the middle of the year. There are a lot of things that still need to be worked out so we cannot expect the car to appear before the middle of the year and it may take even longer than that. All in all, the price rates are pretty good as they are set at  $ 25,000 and they give us a pretty decent figure for the base version for the car. The added pricing that concerts the added equipment is going to be additionally released.

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2017 Dodge Dakota concept exterior, side angle

2017 Dodge Dakota engine view

2017 Dodge Dakota interior, steering wheel and dashboard

2017 Dodge Dakota rear view, cargo space